Project Team

* = Key contacts for project information

Monmouth County 

Joseph M. Ettore, P.E., County Engineer
Michael Ruggiero, P.E., County Project Manager (732-431-7760)*
Fred Passeggio, P.E., Chief Bridge Engineer
Shilpa Bhojappa, Environmental Engineer 

New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT)

Arnab Biswas, Local Aid Project Manager
Kumudika Somaratna, Supervising Engineer 

Richard E. Pierson Construction Company, Inc. (Contractor) 

Jaimin Patel, Construction Project Manager
Don Wagoner, General Manager 

WSP Team (Construction Inspection) 

David Nyarko, P.E., Resident Engineer*
Robert Lemassena, Assistant Resident Engineer
Jeff Moore, P.E., Construction Inspection Project Manager

Hardesty & Hanover Team (Construction Engineering Support) 

Bruce Riegel, P.E., Project Manager, Hardesty & Hanover, LLC
Glen Schetelich, P.E., Principal in Charge, Hardesty & Hanover, LLC
Dave Gerber, P.E., Project Engineer, Hardesty & Hanover, LLC
Brian Medino, P.E., Project Engineer, Hardesty & Hanover, LLC
Martine Culbertson, Community Involvement Facilitator, M. A. Culbertson, LLC 

Environmental Team

Sean Ream  
NJDOT, Environmental Project Manager
NJDOT, Bureau of Environmental Program Resources
Shilpa Bhojappa  
County Environmental Specialist
Monmouth County Engineering
Bill Romaine  
Environmental Project Manager
Davey Resource Group
Paul McEachen  
Principal Senior Archaeologist
Richard Grubb and Associates, Inc.
Local Project Delivery Process

Purpose & Need Statement

Data Collection & Environmental Screening Report

Selection of Preliminary Preferred Alternative

Concept Development Report

NEPA Classification

Create Design Communications Report

Approved Design Exception Report

Cost Estimates (Final Design, ROW & Construction)

Approved Environmental Document

Approved Project Plan

Preliminary Engineering Report

Update Design Communications Report

Continued Public Outreach & Involvement

Construction Contract Documents & PS&E Package

Environmental Reevaluations

Environmental Permits

Acquisition of ROW

Update Design Communications Report

Continued Public Outreach & Involvement

Implement and Complete Construction

Continue Public Outreach


Update and Finalize Design Communications Report

Close-out Documentation

Recent News